About Us



At Inviting Affairs Paperie we create paper and stationery goods. Each one of our designs is created to put a smile on the customer’s face while providing some social impact.  In the beginning, we were primarily doing wedding invitations in and around Austin with great success.  We decided to add a retail aspect to our business and opened a store.  We met with brides and provided the area with a much needed gift shop.  We slowly began to realize that custom invitations were the true success of our business so we made the decision to close the our retail location and moved to a small office.  Little did we know the increase in custom online wedding invitations would quickly change the way we did business again.  I decided at that time to take our custom designs and develop more ideas to branch into the wholesale business.  It started with a booth at the New York Stationery Show that quickly enabled us to be the successful company we are today with both wholesale and retail entities.  

As a single mom with three boys, I have had many challenges in my personal life and running a business on my own was not always easy.  I want for other women to know that it is possible and relying on other women in your community can really give you a boost.  Attending networking events around Austin gave me the ability to create a work family for myself that allowed me to make real connections with other women running their businesses in Austin as well.  Whenever I feel defeated and someone places an order or gives praise for one of my designs I do my little happy dance and push forward.